Thursday, April 11, 2013

I cant believe its been so long since i wrote a post on here.
so much has happened since.
We are finally living what we always dreamed of. living off the grid. It has come with a lot.... ahem should i say, Buckets of tears, hard work, frustration and exhaustion and we have still much to do.
June 2011 we moved to a place in the middle of nowhere country Victoria, Australia. We live on 21 acres with a creek and lots of trees. It is lovely.

 At first it was my worst nightmare. but now it has become my place of peace. God has shown me so much in my life that needed changing. As always he is gentle and patient with me. The frustration i first knew when we were here up until late last year has been awful. discontentment ate at me like a cancer. We moved into a 2 bedroom shack with no power, no bathroom, no septic, awful horrible.... But slowly we have done more and more to make this a home. Now i love it here, the birds, the gentle creek with its music. My place of peace.