Saturday, October 30, 2010

Children are my hearts delight.

Just reflecting on my wonderful children. Girls and Boys are so different in the way they are made. Even from a young age they gravitate to gender specific toys. EJ loves toy cars and Dads power tools already and he is only 1. My girls love to dress up, pink, high heels, hats, gloves. I like having both genders. And appreciating their differences, Seeing their characters form and grow. Wondering who their life partner will be. Praying they make wise choices and decisions. Praying they make God their first. I love you all each individually. BJ my boy who has turned into a man, who is full of life, calm, easy going, fun to be around. DJ my sunshine girl, who has a heart of gold towards everyone, who loves unconditionally. AJ my fluffy girl, who shares my sense of style, and loves to play, have hugs and kisses. MJ the baby who restored my heart, brown eyes that make you melt. EJ my little man, making his mark and fighting for attention. JJ I cant wait to hold you again my precious boy.

I love you all, you have made me who i am today. I wouldnt change one thing except to give you more love. For i know more now that what i did yesterday. Love always

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